[Emergency room] is a long-term socially-engaged anthology, which functions as archiver, cataloguer and politically detached media resource, aimed at preserving of documentary writing from March 2014 till now. The sequence of personal histories TRAVMPUNKT attempts to ‘pry the old filling’ and to look at the public-private space through time, to stabilize the information for it further analysis.

Anthology embraces essays and written documents, diaries, features about important events, important for the world, region, house, person, contingency of empirical experience that develop the character of what we conditionally call life — irresistible coming of reality and consequences in which our existence goes beyond automatism.

TRAVMPUNKT gives authors the opportunity to be published and gives readers the access to a new material that has never be and never will be censored. Project is not aimed at artistic writings as its structure and literature traditions assume the usage of various tricks, techniques and styles, although for us it is important to keep the writings untouched, with flaws, mistakes and uncertainties as they document the subjectivity, class, identity.

Three issues has been out by now as the results of an open calls: the first one, «Untitled, 2014-2017», has worked with the break between actuality and the literature condition which wasn’t able to find a reply to the events of our time. Hereinafter it was decided not to edit and proofread the text as mistakes bear subjectivity and constitute an important part of the text.

The second, «Biometrical experience: Ukraine» exposed stories on newly integrated visa-free regime between European Union and Ukraine: about customs, border control, attitude towards Ukrainians among foreigners. The most important moment covers what and how Ukrainians see abroad, what appeals them, how does national identity function being temporary replaced.

The «Tripreport» issue is dedicated to altered mental states, drug experiences, legal and psychological consequences of its use, addiction treatment, society’s reply to drug consumption, premises and circumstances of the first acquaintance, therapeutic and industrial application of the products and materials forbidden to cultivate and distribute, thoughts on decriminalization, the experience of rehabilitation centers and detention places and sentenced under article 309 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.